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Scones – Scottish quick bread

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They’re  small, they’re light, they’re easy, they’re quick and they’re delicious. Perfect for breakfast. Perfect with tea.

You need: wheat flour (white or wholemeal), sugar, baking powder or baking soda, butter, yoghurt (or milk or cream) and eggs. The dry ingredients (a glassful of flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, 1/3 glassful of sugar) should be whisked together. Next cut the cold butter (70g) into the flour. Leave little crumbs – the dough shouldn’t be too smooth. Whisk the wet ingredients (150g yoghurt and an egg), add them to the flour and mix. Again, a certain amount of carelessness is needed as the dough should be light. Roll the dough to about 2cm high and cut into rounds e.g. using a glass. Brush each scone with yoghurt. Bake for 12 mins in 220°C. Serve with butter and jam (it’s nice when they’re mixed together), mascarpone or yoghurt. Yummmy!

Confusing pairs: historical and historic

Historical refers to the past and is a word with the neutral meaning. Historic means ‘important, significant or famous, the one worth remembering’ and as such involves judgement. It is definitely true that a lot of ‘historic events’ or ‘historic moments’ happened in the past and they could also be referred to as ‘historical’. However, usually when we talk about them this is the other aspect (the one of the event’s significance) that is more important. Both adjectives do, however,  have the same adverb form: historically.

Easy Carrot Muffins

Carrot cake’s my favourite cake. Muffins can be done from anything you find in the fridge: bitter or sweet. Carrot dough is perfect for them. Below, my used for years recipe for both.

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